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About Our Company

Going through lifestyle changes as an adult can be a wonderful journey full of successes and mistakes we make in the ultimate mission of finding ourselves. I remember these changes all to well, starting back in 2013 wanting a healthier lifestyle for us all; my partner and I scoured the internet and any local farmer’s markets. For those products that were not as popular as the leading brands that also didn’t have all those detergents and synethics that could affect not only our skin (externally) but other vital organs (internally) as well. At first selecting and using other vegan/natural products were a normal in our home than we wanted to have more freedom in what wanted in the products. We decided to start making hand-made natural/vegan products for ourselves and family. Once we won over family members and friends our products made it to the hands of those outside of our circles and well recieved.
This is how SpaUbliss was created, we are a natural bath/spa company with a great goal in mind which is to not only bring to our customers products that we've found love and success with over the years. But also our newest creations for you, your family, and friends to enjoy lots of our products are made fresh to order. Collectively, our hand-crafted soaps, and other bath time products do the job of cleansing the skin. But also have other ingredients in them which can help with certain skin conditions. (Of course we are not doctors and recommend that you speak to your physican about any skin conditions.) We make an array of different products and hand pick a major of our ingredients from local farmer’s markets. We hope you enjoy the rest of the site and ask that you check out the articles and other information.