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At SpaUbliss we have decided to take a different approach to how we make our bath bombs. If you scour the internet there are so many different soap makers that are incorporating these little bath time treats for their customers.

Especially kids, teens, and young adults who love all of the color and all the glamour that goes with it. But let's look at bath bombs from a different prospective, for example as we get older our skin changes and could become sensitive to things like different detergents, synthetics, dyes, and other things a-lot of soap makers use in making bath bombs.

Avoiding harmful chemicals

Don't take my word for it just take a quick scroll down Instagram under soaps; people have become so creative in their attempt to create the "ultimate bath bomb" one with all the fixns; (fizz, pop, color, scent, spin, & float.) But what doesn't seem to be a concern is what's in the chemicals being used to create these colorful, wonderfully scented bath bombs and the science behind why these chemicals are used.

What we use

We've taken the natural approach to the science behind bath bombs. We use non-GMO, plant-based materials to make our bath bomb creations.


Our natural bath bombs are also lightly scented with natural essential oil or fragrance oils to get those scents that are not found in nature & to make the aroma of the bomb stronger.

Our Creations

Our creations do not stain your tub, leave an excess of oils on your skin or in the tub, and are better for you to bathe in. Perfect for athletes looking for a therapeutic bath bomb after a hard work out, people with sensitive skin especially some of us ladies. Our bath bombs are made fresh weekly in small batches to ensure freshness of the product. Check our selection of bath bombs and try one out TODAY!