Acne and hyper pigmentation has always been a issue for me since puberty. The older i've gotten it seemed as if my skin was under control, until all of a sudden in 2013  adult acne happened. With my partner suffering from eczema and I from acne we would buy products from cleansers to soaps to help with our skin. We checked the ingredients and could not pronounce half of the names listed. That's when we realized our skin products needed a change. We were tired of the ups and downs with our skin and wanted something new. We decided to take more of a natural approach, so we searched the internet and any local farmer’s markets for something to help.  


With our busy schedules and working every weekend it was hard to get to a farmers market. We knew what we liked, but didn't have access to it so one day we decided to make it ourselves. We began to experiment with different ingredients making natural, vegan products made with essential oils and also fun, creative colorful products for ourselves and family. With more research and testing we came across Donkeys Milk and its great benefits. We loved the way our skin felt and the results received after using our creations. Our skin started to clear beautifully and both our families and friends noticed our skins new glow. They began to use our products and raved about them. From there we received requests thoughout Florida and New Jersey, thats when the journey of creativity began and SpaUbliss was born.


Then March 6, 2019 we experienced an unexpected house fire where we lost everything we had, all of our personal and business belongings in just one day. Although, it was very hard to move forward instead of giving up we counted our blessings, stayed focus and kept pushing by starting all over with a Bang!  The fire was our Phoenix, just like the ashes we were left with we transformed and we were reborn again. We had to give it another try because one thing that never left us was our knowledge and love for creating bath and body products. 

We are a natural bath/spa company with a great goal in mind to help those with skin conditions, those who want something more natural and to give our customers a pleasant bath and shower time. Our hand-crafted soaps, bath bombs, sugar scrubs and other products do the job of cleansing the skin but also have other ingredients in them which can help with certain skin conditions. SpaUbliss is all about a Home Spa experience for YOU with Full Bliss. We understand how hard it is to get out of the house and go to a spa especially with Covid-19 is at hand, so instead get one right at home with a natural handmade touch. 

(We are not doctors and recommend that you speak to your physician before use of any of products.) 


We hope you enjoy our site and products. We do ask that you check out our Blogs for updates, soap news & other fun information. Thank you for visiting SpaUbliss