A SpaUbliss Bath Bomb!

A SpaUbliss Bath Bomb!

In the beginning..

The bath bomb was created by Lush Cosmetics in 1989 by one of it’s co-founders. And since it’s creation bath bombs and the advancement of the internet people from all over the work seek out these little bath time treats. There are so many bath bomb makers on the market, go into your local grocery store on a quick trip down the Cosmetic isle and you will find a few bath bombs stocked. A quick Google search will give you all types of competitors from the big names in the business; to some home-made DIY options.

What‘s all this bath bomb business!

Bath bombs are made when a mixture of Baking soda, Citric Acid are mixed together to fashion a ball and put into bath’s to promote addition benefits to the bath like essential oils and other additives. While scrolling on our Instagram we see so many options for different bath bombs which are very cool. We at SpaUbliss are all about natural products and our rendition of the bath bomb is no different. We use all natural or organic ingredients for the base and natural essential oils to scent our bath bombs. We don’t overly use colorant as to much of it isn’t beneficial to your body/skin health.

Information on our bath bombs

Our natural bath bombs are meant to add an additional spa type Umph to your regular bath. These treatments enhance the benefits to your skin like softness, exfoliating, moisturizing, ECT... We use natural additives like chamomile, lavender buds which add a calming effect to the bath bomb. Also, Goat, and/or Donkey‘s milk which provides moisturizing and exfoliating benefits. As we get older the more sensitive our bodies and skin becomes. In addition to people that already have sensitive skin who still want to enjoy a luxury bath without the dyes, fillers, preservative, and synthetic fragrance oils.

Our natural bath bombs are easy to use you just run warm water into your tub half way filled. Pop in one of our natural bath bombs and let the bath bomb fizz and release all of its skin health goodness into the water. We have different additives we can add to our bath bombs just browse our natural bath bomb section to purchase a set today.