Exfoliation is a MUST in skincare!

What is Exfoliation?

Exfoliation is the removal of old dead skin from the outer surface, this process can help removing the old skin to expose more re-defined, smoother, and brighter skin underneath. Dead skin can get trapped in the surface of the skin, which could cause acne break-outs, clogged pores, profound wrinkles/lines in the face. Exfoliation is the process to sweep away dead old skin from the face, we recommend all faces practice a good exfoliation routine. To rejuvenate the skin by bringing healthy skin to the surface.

Why do we Exfoliate?

So there are endless benefits to why you would want to exfoliate your skin; first it helps to reveal newer, brighter skin under those dead cells as exfoliating improves absorption. A healthy exfoliation regiment can turn back your collagen production which helps your skin retain that youthful glow lessening the appearance of fine lines/wrinkles. Not to mention but exfoliation can be the ticket to stopping clogged pores which causes acne break-outs. Dermatologist actually recommend exfoliating your skin regularly there is even a proper way to exfoliate.

When should we Exfoliate?

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