Take 5!

Updated: May 30, 2020

Soaking in the tub can be a luxurious experience for anyone, but what if I told you that it can also be a benefit to your health especially if your a Senior who enjoys the luxuries of a good bath than this post is for YOU.

According to a study done in 2018 by the Ehime University in Japan that indicated there may be a link between taking a bath frequently in warm water that may contribute to the reduction heart disease. The study also shows that taking a hot bath frequently more than 5 times per week could reduce your likelihood of heart disease. It may actually reduce the chance of fatty material build up in a person’s arteries. For the purposes of the study water temperatures where documented hot if it was more than 41 C, medium if it between 40-41 C, and lukewarm if it was cooler than 40 C. Guys! That's amazing news what if something as simple as a daily hot baths could help improve your heart health, lower blood, and other things. Now, before you go to your physican and ask him why he doesn't prescribe hot baths as treatment. This study isn't conclusive evidence that directly links hot baths to reduced heart risk but other factors may have help to contribute like lifestyle decisions in health and diets.

The study lasted a span of 5 years in which 800 participants whose health was monitored in relation to heart attack and stroke risk. According to the studies researchers found that those who bathe in waters 41 C more than 5 times a week became less likely to have fatty acid deposit build up in the arteries than others all participants took 12 min baths per session. Ask me and this gives you more time to relax and take some true “YOU” time; what could be wrong with that. When I think of the phrase "nice hot bath" it's automatically associated with a stress relieving experience for us all. And we've given great reasons as to why Seniors should take more than 5 per week to improve their heart health. There are other health benefits associated with a hot bath and here's a couple of more reasons why you should take 5 Seniors!

Warning: We ask that you please take precaution when soaking in a hot tub of water any more than 96 F degrees. You generally want your bath water somewhere between 80 F - 105 F (respectively). Anything higher please exercise extreme caution as it could have adverse affects. Please also do not go back and forth from hot to cold as this also could have adverse affects in raising your blood pressure.

Reduce Inflammation: When the activities of life start to catch up with us it's natural to see some inflammation in the body. The body also goes through a process in which it releases an anti-inflammatory chemical to try and combat what's happening. Well studies have shown that raising the body temperature can improve the body's anti-inflammatory response. Baths are great for relieving sore aching muscles / joints.