Hand Washing

Hand-washing is a useful step when combined with clean water and soap; it can be a very effective tool against spreading germs, bacteria, and even can help prevent illness. This is a fun but informative article that's aimed to inform our viewers about how important this simple step can be in the fight against illness. With the recent Coronavirus sweeping the global; forcing the World Health Organization to declare this a Pandemic. And with our Federal Government in the U.S.A. declaring a state of emergency this article is right on time with the most accurate information according to the cdc.gov website.

What does washing my hands regularly do?

a. Well here's the deal we touch everything with our hands; if you really think about it your hands are one of the most dirtiest places on our bodies. That's because we touch things with our hands. Think about if your in a public place like a restaurant and you go to open the door to enter; think about how many other people have touched that knob same as you. And since I've never been to a restaurant where there is a professional door wiper on hand ready to disinfect every time that knob was touched. It is safe to say that a lot of germs, bacteria, lots of gross things could reside on that knob and with anyone of use touching it we can easily get sick or spread that bacteria to other things.

Why is important to wash my hands regularly?

a. To prevent illness, spreading bacteria, and germs to anyone else or getting someone else's bacteria, or germs from getting you sick. This simple step is one that most people forget about.

When should I wash my hands?

a. We recommend that you wash your hands before and after any activities where your touching, grabbing, holding any objects that could have come in contact with dirt, dust, germs, or bacteria. Or that could be easily contaminated by any bacteria, or germs you've come in contact with with like preparing food. After using the rest room, changing a baby's diaper, also after blowing your nose, sneezing, coughing, ECT...

Helpful Tips!

a. Let's face it! There is simply no substitute for washing your hands when clean water and soap are available to use. But as a temporary alternative you can use hand sanitizer to reduce the amount of germs on your hands. It has to be an alcohol-based hand sanitizer meaning it has to be made with at least 60% alcohol to check this information read the label. Please note that hand sanitizer doesn't kill all the bacteria or even as effectively as washing your hands does; it's also not effective if the hands are visibly dirty or greasy!