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Updated: Jul 31

The time and effort it takes into making a quality beard oil is no easy task. There is a-lot research put into the process of putting together a list of carrier oils that will closely mimic the natural oils in the skin. We spend time researching each particular carrier and essential oils we’re using for the batches we make. A perfect symphony of scent that pair and compliment each other well. In this article I will listing the base oils we use in making our beard oil. We will briefly discuss the benefits of using carrier oils and essential oils on the skin and why we use them. I’m excited to bring our readers the information about our oil selection of oils in hopes to inform each and everyone of you about what’s being used in your beard oil and why.

What is beard oil?

Beard oil is a blend of carrier oils like Jojoba, Coconut, Grapseed, Hemp to name a few. These carrier oils are generally choosen to address specific things that help both skin and facial hairs. Beard oils can come in scented or unscented either using artificial or essential oils. Generally beard oil is used to provide a number of benefits to the beard like hydration, cleansing, hair growth, shine, an all around clean. It can help to fight against things like free radicals, ingrown hairs, dryness, bumps, dull/ and or itchy beard. We recommend using a beard oil that is more on the natural spectrum with organic / all-natural ingredients with natural oils to complement the scent if scented.

Carrier Oils vs Essential Oil: The Sweet Symphony Carrier oils are base oils like Jojoba, Coconut, & Argan to name a few. Carrier oils can provide a lot of general and specific benefits like anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals, to the skin. In conjunction with essential oils which gives the oil a boost of its own nutrients, vitamins, and minerals with an added scent to sweeten the deal. Together, these ingredients make up the base for any beard oil on the market. The base oils if paired properly should mimic your skin’s natural (Sebum) oil to help keep the hairs and face moisturized. Applying a beard oil up to 3x a week as needed will help to protect the skin against red spots, bumps, ingrown hairs, itchy beard, ECT...

Apricot Kernel oil: An oil that closely resembles the natural oils found in the skin, promoting hydration to the skin, beard and provides anti-aging benefits. Apricot Kernel oil contain Vitamins A, C, E, & Potassium.

Coconut Oil: An oil rich in fatty acids like (Capric, Caprylic, Caproic, Myristic, and Lauric acids) that promote softness, shine, hair growth, hydration, and a clean face!

Grape Seed Oil: Another fighter against hair loss Grape Seed is packed with anti-oxidants like Vitamin C, B, A. Grape-seed oil helps with eliminating beard fizz promoting natural curl definition and texture.

Sweet Almond oil: A great source of Vitamins C, D, and other nutrients like calcium, potassium, & magnesium. another great choice in the fight against free radicals. Helps fights the fizz, dry beard, ingrown hairs, itchy beard.

Jojoba Seed oil: Vitamins like A, D, E being another powerhouse of anti-oxidants, anti-fugal. Stops the production of excess oil production in the skin that can lead to irritation, breakout bumps, redness. Eliminates flaky, dull, or itchy beard.

Hemp Seed oil: Being super rich in Omega 6s, 3s, and fatty acids which all adds nutrients to the hair follicles. Promoting hair growth, stronger follicles, hydration, preventing moisture loss. Also helps with improving blood circulation

Abyssinian seed oil: Offers moisture and anti-aging properties to the facial care Abyssinian seed promotes softness, giving life to damaged or brittle facial hairs. Also improves the look of dry, dull beard.

Argan oil: Packed with fatty acids, anti-oxidants like Vitamin A, E, and other minerals. Also provides hydration, protection, softness, and shine to the beard and does wonders for skin beneath.

Our beard oil is known to hydrate the skin, eliminates the fizz beard look, restoring shine and luster to hairs. While keeping the skin underneath free from bacteria, and other nastiest that could lead to break-out bumps, redness, & ETC... We recommend adding both Smells like a GREAT man beard oil and our new Organic Smells like a Great Man Beard Shampoo to your face care routine.


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