Milk Baths and it's benefit for the skin

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Milk baths have been a practice women have had in their beauty regime for thousands of years. It’s said that Cleopatra V the ruler of Egypt traveled with 700 donkeys to make sure that her milk baths were never short on milk. Why hsas this practice been used for so long? And is this really beneficial for the skin you might also be wondering. Well I’m here to give you all that information and more about the wonderful benefits of bathing in milk. This was/is still the beauty secret of the rich and well-to-do in their expensive SPAs and salons. Milk baths may help with certain aliments like psoriasis, eczema, dry skin, & even acne. First things first, let’s talk about those benefits and how this stuff works. There are three components in milk which help proteins, fat, and lactic acid. The protein and fats may help to soften your skin while the lactic acid is actually a gentle exfoliate. Exfoliating your skin regularly can help get rid of dead skin cells which helps with softer skin. Consult with your doctor Milk baths are not safe for everyone to use especially if your someone who has sensitive skin you really should consult with your doctor about bathing in milk. The lactic acid could irritate the skin please do not take a milk bath without checking with your doctor first if your pregnant. If you have high fever please refrain from taking a milk bath. Benefits of a milk bath Smoother, softer skinMilks have been known to soothe difference skin irritated. Please consult with your before trying a milk bath if you have an allergies or sensitive skin.Milk hydrates the skin preventing drynessPromotes relaxation the water creates an overall relaxed comfortable feelingImproves your skin’s appearance the lactic acid may help to remove dead skin cells, leaving your skin smoother. In Conclusion Milk baths promote a lot of good things for the skin different types of milks can be used. We at SpaUbliss use Goat and Donkey’s milk in some of our bases. The soaps we use any milk additives in are always marked clearly on our website description of the product. Please read each description carefully if you have any allergies, sensitive skin, or restrictions with diary based products.

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