Natural Soaps: The Solution for Sensitive Skin

Natural Soaps: The Solution for Sensitive Skin

As a soap-maker a common phrase we hear is “I have sensitive skin and can’t use popular soaps. Or, are SpaUbliss soaps for sensitive skin? You are not alone, there are many people who suffer from allergies, irritate from their skincare products. That’s were a more natural soap comes into play; one that’s not filled with any harmful detergents, chemicals, that could be irritating your skin. This actually applies to skincare products across the board from popular soaps, to lotions, & even face creams all of these things can contribute to skin conditions over time if they have chemicals and other additives that break down the skin's natural defense so to speak. Part two to that question is yes SpaUbliss soaps are for people with sensitive skin. In fact, our products are natural which means that there are no harmful additives that will cause your skin harm over time. From other client's mouths that our products have made a difference in their skin care regiment; aliments that they have used those big, expensive, name brand products that do not offer half in what they promise.

SpaUbliss products are made with you and your family’s health in mind.

Please know that a lot of these popular brand or generic detergent filled bars we have grown to know as soap are really synthetic versions; filled with chemicals not good for your skin or health. The need to market may out live the need to make sure that the products are safe for the skin. With more natural skincare products you have more control over what’s being put on your skin. We’ve had customers who’ve had success using products like our Coffee Scrubs which help to exfoliate while putting moisture back into the skin. It’s not that our products work like magic; it’s more that we put time and thought into what goes into our recipes. Which has a better effect on the skin of not only our clients which means you but your family and others you share our products with.

What’s so sensitive about the sensitive skin soaps?

Glad you asked that question well to put it plain even sensitive skin soaps recommend by dermatologist have things like detergents, lather agent, than the other ingredients for the recipe. These detergents strip the skin of natural skin oils which protect and lubricate the skin. Sensitive skin soaps just add more of those ingredients it may not make sense but it is true. A-lot of sensitive skin products often have synthetic ingredients in them that do the same things to the skin as it’s “regular” counterpart.

In Conclusion…

In parting I would like to say that soaps should be made with oils that are nourishing, moisturizing, & rejuvenating to the skin; in addition to its lather and clean. When there is no time, research, thought, and effort put into a recipe than don’t even expect for a moment it will come out right. Stick to the basics with oils and choice thoughts with those properties above and compliment them with additional ingredients that work in harmony to provide a natural, gentle on the skin, great lathering, cleansing soap.