The Art of Manliness #101 Beard Maintenance

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

I've had lots of conversations with different types of guys and they all have one MAJOR thing in common. The burning question we get asked by guys a lot is "Do you guys sell anything I can use on my beard?" or "How can I grow an even, moisturized, healthy beard?" Some dudes have been trying since adolescence to have a stash they could be proud of. The secret is there is no big secret but regular, proper, beard maintenance and in this article today we are going to be discussing each step we recommend in the process of beard maintenance...

Why is Beard Maintenance Important

Let's face it fellas! The beard maybe a nice addition of manliness but can be a breeding ground for bacteria, dirt. Your sweat, food, excess oils in the beard, even the environment can play a part in how the hairs on your face will grow and look. This is why this article is so important so we can outline the proper way for your beard to be maintained. Let's also talk about the skin under the beard the forgotten parts of your face your can't see each day to wash, disinfect, and/or clean without removing the beard. This skin can become irritated, dry causing you "itchy beard", it can also break out due to poor beard hygiene which can result in sensitive skin, bumps, patches, rough/sharp facial hairs, ECT.. Even oiling the beard to much can have adverse affects on the skin and hair on the face. Please remember the hair on your face is just like the hair on your head.

1. Shampoo IT!

Here's why you need to spring for a quality beard shampoo to add to your morning routine, because beard shampoo is specially formulated for your facial hair.

We recommend our all-natural Beard shampoo for cleaning your beard. Our gentle formulated Castile soap is made from plant oils and is considered safe to use even on the most sensitive skin. Our beard soap is specifically for beard health its non-toxic, biodegradable, lathers and cleans the hair, and skin like traditional over the counter soaps but with added benefits targeting the beard. You get a super deep clean that will remove dirt, excess oils in the skin. Our soap is made from organic vegetable oil and natural essential oils. Washing your beard regularly can help to strip the hairs of bacteria, dirt, excess oil, sweat, etc.. We recommend that you wash your beard at least 1-2x a week with a beard shampoo. We don't recommend washing the beard every day because this could strip the hair and skin of it's natural oils which could dry out the beard. Buy it here

2. Condition IT!

Just like the hair on your head beard condition is a formulated which helps to give the beard and skin underneath moisture and nourishment. Which in turn will help your beard and keep the skin underneath healthy, and balanced with its moisturize locking. Lots of men questions about how to maintain a healthy beard while providing the balance, and moisture to the skin under the facial hair. Lots of men deal with issues like bald spots in the beard, dryness on the skin underneath and beard, spiky beard, irritated, itchy skin, damaged hair, tightness of skin underneath, ect... Beard shampoo helps to remedy these things by providing nutrients from carrier oils and other beneficial additives; that help keep the skin and hair clean, moisturized, and hydrated. This section opens up so many more questions I know some guys have; like What type of beard conditioner is best for my beard? How do you use beard conditioner? These and other questions will be answered in another blog posting that talks about this a little more in depth. We will also review a few tips on what to look for when shopping for a beard conditioner.

3. Scrub IT!

Exfoliating your beard is a great way to keep it clean from bacteria and helps to remove dead skin cells from under the beard. An exfoliator would be a product that has gentle yet abrasive ingredients that exfoliate and remove the bacteria. Combined with other ingredient help to disinfect, lock in moisture, hydrate the skin while nourishing the facial hair. We recommend for proper beard maintenance you should scrub the beard at least 1-2 a week, we recommend doing this when you do your other beard maintenance.

4. Oil IT!

Beard oil & beard balms are absolutely essential in beard care, beard oil is a blend between carrier and essential oils used to promote hair growth in addition to fullness, softness of the hair, also keeps the face and facial hairs moisturized, and nourished. Facial hairs can cause itchy beard which is due to the skin and hairs not being oiled properly this is where beard oil comes into play. The reason behind the itch is the lack of Sebum oil which are the natural oils made by the sebaceous glands that reside at the hair follicles of the beard. The Sebaceous glands simply can’t keep up with the demand of the growing hair so when the beard grows longer the Sebum oil is unable to coat the whole thing which results in the itch.

A good beard oil should consist of high-quality carrier oils not only do they compliment each other in providing hydration, moisture, and nourishment to the beard. Our Smells like a Good man beard oil is one of those oils we have a special blend of high quality carrier oils like Kernel oil, Coconut, Grape seed oil, to help provide nutrients, and moisture our beard oil also comes in an array of wonderful scents like Three Kings, Lavender, FL Sunrise Surprise, to keep your beard smelling as good as the man you represent yourself to be. Buy it here.

5. Brush & Comb IT!

This is going to be the single most important tools in your arsenal and with these tools I tell you fellas you must not be cheap with. Beard brush and combs go so perfect to end our beard care post. These tools shouldn't be the ones you use for the hair on your head but need to be specially designed for the beard. Here's the importance of combing the beard daily, think of the facial hair like the hair on your head. Regularly combing the beard hair will train the beard hairs to grow in one direction; promoting a neater, fuller beard. Combing your beard every day can help to prevent against ingrown hairs; those little red bumps that appear on your neck or cheeks are not only unsightly but can be quite painful, comb your beard to avoid these painful irritation. Combing the beard while using either beard balms, or oils can help you moisture the facial hair and skin underneath. Choosing the correct comb also comes into play you want to invest in a good reliable comb; please purchase a quality beard comb designed for the beard. This is also essential because with regular combs you could pull out hairs and worst any hair roots which could leave bald spots in your beard. Please choose wisely when you are shopping for your beard comb, we’ll have another blog post on beard combs we recommend.

6. Shape IT!

This is the last but certainly not least step in your beard care which is trimming that beard. Not only does it make the appearance of the beard look neat but there is also some benefits to keeping that mane trimmed. It helps the beard grow and remain healthy and strong if you periodically trim those damaged, split, dead ends off to promote new strong hair growth. In closing, we hope we were able to give all of our readers some good information about beard maintenance and how to properly take care of your beard. If any readers have any recommendations of great natural products to use for MEN let us know. So we can recommend great natural beneficial products to our readers. Don’t forget to Subscribe, Like, and Share! Have any comments, questions, recommendations, please drop us a line.

Until next time folks!

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