The REAL Skinny on Beauty, Cleansing, & Body bars!

In our last blog we explored the differences between ”True” v.s Cometic soaps. If you missed that post get caught up here In the spirit of continuing to introduce our viewers to the different types of soaps available on the market, their uses, and other facts about them. In today’s blog we will discuss the definitions of beauty bars, cleansing bars, and body bars. We’ll go over the difference between them and what intended uses are. Our goal as always to provide our subscribers with knowledge to arm them to make them educated shoppers. Let’s dig into our topic The REAL Skinny on Beauty bars, Cleansing bars, & Body bars!

What’s a beauty bar?

From a soap maker’s prespective a beauty bar soap has a recipe that privides extra moisturize, hydrating the skin even after you finish using the product. A beauty bar is considered a Cosmetic soap or “synthetic detergent”, according to the FDA. Popular soap brand like Dove markets their product as “Beauty bars", because its focus is helping to not only clean but add extra moisture to hydrate the skin.

What’s a cleansing bar? These facial bar soaps have the ability to remove all traces of make-up from the skin leaving a beautiful complexion. Coined as “soap-less soaps”created in Asia these cold-processed products are one of the newest beauty trends to hit Europe. Loved for it’s low expensively and known to promote stopping acne, strip the face of not only make-up but oils, sweat, free radicals freeing the skin‘s pore reducing blockages. They’ve also been known to help with evening skin tones.

What’s a body bar?

More commonly known as ”bar soap” these products have been our GO TO for cleansing our skin. Most traditional types of bar soap can have ingredients that just cleanse your skin or adds something to the experience that benefits the body like deodorizing, moisturizing, exfoliating, ETC... Also bar soap over the years has transitioned into either liquid/gel forms like body washes, shower gels.


Bathing with any one of these could have great benefits for the various skin types we all have. Like, leaving the skin moistured as mentioned, also customers have claimed these products have also helped with giving their skin a ”glow“. In addition to talks of how these products have helped with keeping the skin youthful tight. However, as I mentioned before the FDA considers these products as ”synthetic detergents”. Which means it contains other ingredient that could cause more than just cleaning action, but can also alter the skin. These alterations could be adverse to your health as the ingredients used in these synthetic detergents are known to cause various skin reactions even skin cancer. These ingredients are additives to boost the cleaning power in commercial cleansing products like, car engine de-greasers, concentrated floor cleansers, car washing detergents, ECT... These products strip the skin of its natural oils and suppleness, leaving the skin dry to the point of ash, crackling, irritated, or flaky. We recommend sticking to body cleansers that don’t have harsh chemicals in them. Or that could cause skin issues when mixed with another ingredient that could cause a reaction. I hope this information keeps our blog readers informed enough to make good decisions about shopping.

Happy Soaping!

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