The Science behind Donkey's milk

The Science behind Donkey's milk

The Science behind Donkey’s Milk

At a festival premiering our Donkey’s Milk soaps lots of people didn’t know the wonderful benefits that Donkey’s milk has on the skin. Since ancient times, scholars like Hippocrates, Pliny the Great, all wrote about the effects of the Donkey’s milk on the skin. The goodness within Donkey’s milk has been used to provide external benefits to the skin. A-lot of people didn’t know that Donkey’s made milk; which prompted me to write this article about any question that were presented to me about Donkey’s milk and why it’s beneficial and should be a regular in your skin route.

Benefits of Donkey's Milk on your skin

The benefits of donkey's milk are outstanding to say the least. With it's neutral PH balances, ranging between 7.0-7.18 that's more naturally balanced than other mammal milks like goat, cow, & sheep. Fun fact about donkey's milk is that it's been confirmed within published studies that it resemblance human breast milk. In fact the amino acid profile in donkey's milk (36.7 e, 38.2 g, amino acid /100g protein) is comparable to human breast milk (40.7 g, amino acid /100 g protein).

Why Donkey's milk?

* Contains lysozyme which is an enzyme that breaks down the cell walls of certain bacteria.

* Donkey's milk is also low in casein which is a protein that's in dairy products that could cause a casein allergy. (hives, rash, wheezing, severe pain, etc).

* It has 4x the Vitamin C and Calcium content compared to cow's milk

* Has other vitamins like A, B1, B2, B6, D, & E

* It's high in protein, ceramides, & phospholipids which have skin reconstructing and anti-aging properties.

* Has Retinol in it which helps with youth-fun looking skin,

* Helps with skin tightening and smoothening as famously used by Queen Cleopatra who would travel with at least 700 donkeys to bath in their milk.

* It also helps with acne anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory issues helping to calm red, itchy skin.

* It has been used in cosmetics to help treat skin issues like eczema, psoriasis, and acne.

* Donkey's milk is a natural exfoliate due to the lactic acid which helps to shred the dead skin

* It helps to fade scars, discoloration, also evens the skin tone!

In Conclusion...

In essence, we hope you see why we've chosen to use donkey's milk in our soap products. Super nutritional for the skin, moisturizing, nutrient filled and full of anti-oxidants which helps to fight free radicals. Donkey's milk is safe to use on sensitive skin even baby skin. Now of course donkey's milk has some great benefits but it is not something for everyone. Please check with your physican if you have severe allergic reaction to any proteins and/or other compounds naturally found in donkey's milk. Lastly, our donkey's milk soap is extra gentle for your skin as we use very little essentials to scent each batch. Currently we sell these lil guys as face soaps but of course you can use it on the rest of your body. We would like to thank the fine people who can out and supported us at the July in November Heritage festival. See you all at the next one.. Ciao!