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Pick from our high quality product line and put your own brand with logo on it!

What is private labeling?

Private label is the process of sourcing products from a MFG and then selling them under your own brand and logo. This is an ideal business model for small businesses, startups, entrepreneurs, that have a limit budget or resources and a vision they want seen (custom brand/logo) on their own products.

What are the benefits of private labeling?

There are so many benefits to this method the list goes on for days. But I will start with this notion, picture being able to separate yourself from your competitors. Have your own market identity over your branding, have the freedom of promoting your products to your own niche audience! That's right I'm talking about exclusivity!


 Another advantage is customer/brand loyalty, ever wonder why places like LUSH, Bath & Body Works, Chanel, and other body/bath or skincare companies have done so well even in the mist of global crisis? The brand/image that’s instill in the minds of not only its loyal customers but those one off shoppers who may be browsing for the that trusted experience. Strong customer loyalty is the bread and butter of retailers everywhere they help push brand awareness.


The quality of the product as well as the packaging can all play part in whether customers will return again and again. With being able to private label your own produces you further personalize  shopper’s experience. Which can lead to more brand awareness, customer retention, and higher profit margins. A lot of major retailers and other main scale businesses on the market private label products from different MFGs everything from sun-tanning lotion to bottled water has been private labeled. Bigger profit margins, increasing your bottom line revenue this is some of the things private labeling can do for your growing business. It’s can offer high profit margins compared to reselling products. It may be more cost effective in the overall as you don’t have the awesome task of production, quality control, production expenses, ect... The lower the cost of production the more money goes into your bottom line. 

How private labeling works with SpaUbliss?

Partnering with SpaUbliss as your private label supplier we are an all-natural skincare supplier. Some of our products are certified organic, but all of our products are all natural. We strive for freshness, we search out top quality ingredients from different vendors worldwide to make our products. We manufacture our products in medium to small increments, depending on the demand of the product. This is one top way we ensure our product is fresh for our clients.


We update our product lines regular to stay current on different beauty trends. Our private label packages was created to be one of the most cost effective ways for entrepreneurs who may have a limited budget due to COVID-19 to purchase our best selling products to sell their clients. Have your own idea for a brand/logo design? Our creative graphics arts team can take any design no matter how complex or mediocre it may seem to you, and turn it into a brand/logo masterpiece. With us your product packaging is professional looking retail ready for any store shelf. We will be the fingers, eyes, and toes behind your creative genius every step of the way. From initially hearing the vision to finished product we will be right there with you to answer any questions or concerns. 


How does the process work?

The first step is contacting us using the form belong contact us about your interest in private labeling Spaubliss products. Our current clients are always throughly impressed with our products, this gives us great proud. We know our potential customers will also love the quality of our products and professionalism of our packaging. Once you've received the samples which come without your logo, there is a small ordering fee for one of our sample kits. One of our team members will be in contact with you to assist you with you custom label needs. At that point we will collect other company's information, design request, ECT that will help us create the vision your seeing for your custom labels. A deposit is required at this point, once it's received our graphics design team will look into your project, our team takes 1 week to design a brand/logo for a client. A designer is assigned to the job according to the type of design for brand/logo your requesting. Once the design is created your given the artwork to review we need your approval before production begins. The production of your custom label products take 2 weeks to complete after inspected by our quality control team we send you a confirmation email to let you know the order is ready to be shipped and will send tracking information once products have been shipped. Below is our custom label inquiry form we ask that you fill out this form to start the process in contacting Spaubliss for private labeling your next business venture.

Private Label Inquiry

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