Need a way to relax? We have exactly what your looking for, Our Blossomed Ultimate bath time experience! Handcrafted with the idea of a spa-like experience at home or on the go. Rose is the perfect way to relax and give yourself that extra self & skin love.


Blossomed Simple Kit includes:

Blossomed Organic Soap (Net Wt. 3 oz / 85 g)

Blossomed Bath Bomb (Net Wt. 4 fl oz / 113 g)

(2) Blossomed Shower Steamers (Net Wt. 1 oz/ 28 g)

Bamboo Soap Holder (Net Wt. 1 oz)



Rose Blossomed Ultimate Kit includes:

Blossomed Organic Soap (Net Wt. 3 oz / 113 g)

Blossomed Bath Bomb (Net Wt. 4 fl oz / 113 g)

(2)Blossomed Shower Steamers

(Net Wt. 6 oz/ 170 g)

Blossomed Ancient Dead Sea Salt Soak

(Net Wt. 6 oz/ 170 g)

Bamboo Soap Holder (Net Wt. 1 oz)

Sisal Soap Holder Sack






Blossomed Spa Kit

SKU: 312470006

    Blossomed Rose Soap

    With a wash material ( wash cloth, loofah, soap sack etc) Run soap under water until you get a lather and clean your body. Rinse well.

    Blossomed Bath Bomb

    Fill your bathtub with warm water, then drop the bath bomb in for a luxurious bathing experience!

    Blossomed Shower Steamers

    Place in the corner of shower where water does not directly hit the shower steamer. The steam will bring up the aromas of steamer. This can last up to 1-3 showers depending on the placement of steamer.

    Blossomed Ancient Dead Sea Salt Soak

    Add a couple of scoops to warm running bath water and allow salts to dissolve. For best results, unwind, relax and soak for at least 20-30 minutes.

    Bamboo Soap Holder

    Place Soap on to bamboo holder. Keep the soap holder in a dry area away from water. Soap Holder Sack: Place a soap inside of soap sack, tie the top strings. Place under water, lather and wash.


    Blossomed Organic Soap

    Made with organic ingredients for a calming cleanse.

    Blossomed Bath BombThe perfect Rose bath bomb. with scents so heavenly its sure to relax your body with its therapeutic features.

    Blossomed Shower SteamersThis Natural Blend is the closest we've smelled to true rose. Rose lovers unite, here it is, and all natural! 2 steamers at a time can be used as a cute miniature bath bomb!

    Blossomed Ancient Dead Sea Salt Soak

    Made with ancient and dead sea salts, essential oils and intentions for a relaxed detoxing bath. This handcrafted blend botanicals that are known to relieve stress and calm your body to get you ready for rosey experience.

    Bamboo Soap Holder

    The perfect soap holder that gives your soap a longer soap life.

    Soap Holder Sack

    No soap slipping here! Get a great lather, grip and wash with.You can hang the soap bag on the bathroom wall so the soap can dry quickly. This is made of natural sisal, which is durable and soft. This is good for producing foam and gives your body exfoliation when washing.

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