Calming Lavender Sugar Scrub are made with a premium blend of oils and fair trade organic sugar. Lavender essential oil is known to be analgesic, antidepressant, antiseptic, and antiviral. The fresh lavender essential oil and sugar combo is known to help your skin glow. This sugar scrub can be used on all parts of the body from head to toe.


Keep in mind oils are added with sugar which can make things slippery, Please use with Caution!


*This product contains oils that will cause your surfaces to become slippery. Use with caution when rinsing off in shower and tub afterwards with caution.

*Do Not Apply to broken or sun burned skin.

 **Not recommended on full face only on the lips and the rest of your body**

Avoid eyes and open wounds. Stop use if irritation occurs.


Calming Lavender Sugar Scrub

  • Sugar scrubs are known for assisting with removing dead skin cells by exfoliating.  It can be used on lips and body but not recommended on the face because it could be too rough for such a sensitive area.


    How to use:

    With your provided spoon add your desired amount of sugar scrub and rub your body parts in circular motion. 


    Using Sugar Scrub on dry lips:

    If your lips are a bit rough and dry we do recommend drinking plenty of water for your internal but using our sugar scrub on lips can help remove dry skin. Wet lips, add scrub and move in soft circular motion. 


    Using Sugar scrub before and after hair removal:

    If used after hair removal of any sort use before and the day after your hair removal process. Using a sugar scrub after hair removal can assist with exfoliating the skin so that when hairs grow back it will grow properly without breaking the skin which can cause bumps or irritation.



    Using Sugar scrub on body:

    Using our sugar scrub on your body can assist with keeping you feeling soft and smooth. The sugars exfoliation removes the dead skin which can help produce new skin cells. This can



    Using Sugar scrub on your feet:

    If you have rough or hard feet this is the perfect product for you. This can be used 3-4 times a week on your feet. Rubbing the sugar in circular motion not only can  massages your feet but can assist with removing dead skin. 


    (Your feet may feel slippery once you are done so PLEASE rinse them completely and pat dry!)



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