one word to describe this type of soap sea salt has long been used for it's soothing pain, swelling, & inflammation properties. Our soap does the same thing for the skin as bathing in a tub full of water and sea salt. Himalayan salt in particular can become a powerful detoxifier drawing out impurties from your skin. Rich in over 80 minerals with traces of Calcuim, Magnesium, Potassium, Copper, etc which are associated with soothing the body bringing on relaxation. This bar is 4 oz and is unscented. One thing about our soaps is that they lather really well and totally cleanses the skin without leaving your skin feeling tight, dry type of feelings. This soap is gentle and safe to use on any type of skin as all Spaubliss products are.  Unscented Natural 

From the Himalayans

SKU: 5969690488
  • Vegetable Oil Blend (Olive Oil, Organic Sustainable Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter), Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Himalayan Salt, Sea Salt.


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