Secure your online shopping experience

With the shopping season vastly approaching we would like to take the time to discuss securing your online shopping experience. Which means taking extra precautions when making purchases online. In the age of technology where things are being made, sold, brought in an instant; the internet is one major tool we have today that has made life more convenient especially shopping.. 

The days of the exciting yet frustration of crowded mall stores, traffic, over priced items, and rude people. Online shopping actually has returned the joy of gift giving for me; and I hope you as well. But let's be real as well even though online shopping has it's perks it also has a dark side. Scammers putting up realistic looking scam sites all over the internet that may fool even the most seasoned online shoppers. Luckily, there are a few helpful hints I'm going to share with you to help you become a more in tuned shopper ready to spot a fake. 

1. Also verify that your placing an order on a secure connection.

Make sure that your computer is completely protected from viruses, Mal-ware, and malicious software by installing a trusted anti-virus program with firewalls turned on. Also make sure to never purchase on a public wifi connection. Without doing these things your financial information, user-names, and passwords are all at risk of being compromised/stolen.  

2. Know the merchant and their reputation

If you have never shopped on the company's website before you may want to conduct a little investigation into the site to make sure it's real and reputable. Make sure that the vendor is also using a secure way to accept payment on there website. A quick Google search will probably yield so results, reviews, information into this company's reputation. 

3. IF it's to good to be true it just might be

With an e-store offering super low prices, super low deals on they may not be legitimate and the vendor may be suspicious. Again, investigate the website see if it looks authenticate or contact the company get a feel for the company by it's representatives to. 

4. Using Debit v.s. Credit

Do not use a debit card or linking your checking account as an option to purchase an item. Purchasing with a credit card can limit your liability on unauthorized charges. If your financial information is stolen the credit company normally helps the customer within the situation. Most debit cards don’t offer the same protection.

5. Is this site secure

Before entering your financial information into a site make sure that the site is secure. A good way to tell is to look into the web address bar at the time of purchase. If you see "https" the site is secure the "s" stands for secure encryption on the website. If you see just "http" the site is not secure and you may not want to proceed with the purchase. 

SpaUbliss proudly secures it's customer's information within our servers. We only as information on a need to know basis only collecting enough data to process the order. We want you to shop with confidence on our website which is why we offer free identity theft protection to our customers purchasing from our website. Just a bit of extra protection for our customers as we appreciate your continued business. Contact us for more details on this offer.