Ingredients CREDO

We are an all natural BATH/BODY company who’s mission is to provide our customers with all-natural, safe to use personal care products the WHOLE family will love. With that being said we believe every person deserves the right to governor over what we use in our personal care products. We want our customers to purchase our product in confidence knowing that you are not supporting GMO ingredients, suppliers, ECT… Our ingredients base oils, essentials, every ingredient that we put into our products are high quality ingredient. We buy Fair our supplies come from some of the most freshest sources in North America. Our products are natural they do not come with any Parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate or similar, unnatural perservatives, or petroleum in our products. We have products that are considered Vegan, & Non-Vegan like our Donkey’s Milk soaps.


Our base consist of these high quality oils [Olive oil, Sunflower oil, Shea butter, Organic Palm, Coconut oil, & Hemp oil] we do not use conventional oils in our bases which is a practice many soap-makers who simply do not care or are trying to cash in will do. When a soap-maker doesn’t care about where the ingredient come from there is a big problem. When using food grade ingredients to use within soaps sometimes the cheaper or more convenient route will lead into the world of the engineered food industry, in other words GMO. If this is some-time we are not fine with ingesting why would it be any benefit to using it on the skin.

Olive Oil: This mild emollient is used in soaps because of it’s moisturizing qualities it gives to the soap. Olive oil is commonly imported from Spain or Europe.

Sunflower Oil: This oil has a lighter feel to it and feels fantastic on the skin just the right amount of Sunflower goes into the batch as it tends to make the soaps soft.

Shea butter: Shea butter is an amazing oil it makes a creamy bar with added moisturizing properties.


Organic Sustainable Palm: We use organic sustainable Palm because of the deforestation in tropical regions click here for more details. Palm is necessary to make a hard, more stable bar of soap which is what customers primarily look for in a bar of soap.

Coconut Oil: A popular oil to use we use Coconut as it creates a great lather from the soap. Helps to create those big bubbles everyone loves seeing in a good lather.

Hemp Oil: Hemp Oil adds a unique skin feel and moisturizing effect to the skin, we use Hemp unrefined to avoid any chemical contamination possible in the refining process.


Check out our SpauPedia which has a break down of all the ingredients and definitions that we use in all our products. The SpauPedia is updated weekly be sure to bookmark it to check out our updated ingredient list and any other information about the ingredient we use. Click Here