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Back in 2015 when we started with an idea to bring our rendition of natural skin care to the market; we had one goal and one goal in mind. KEEP IT NATURAL years later we have seen a natural BOOM explode onto the scene of the beauty world; every-one from Rihanna to JLO has launched a skin-care lines.  There are two types of personal care products those that contain synthetics and those that don’t.  We still stand behind promoting using natural skin care over synthetics any day but here are a couple of reasons why SpaUbliss is sticking to “The Natural Approach”.



A. Naturally JAM-Packed with SKIN Nourishment

   We research every ingredient we use to ensure that it’s pack full of different vitamins, and other compounds such as Vitamin C, D, E, alpha-hydroxy acid, and other benefits that helps your overall skin health. Synthetics usually are made of different detergents, chemicals, and other additives that are usually use harder to pronounce words, these solvents are made in a lab and can be harmful to the body in the long run.


B. Helps Preserve the Environment

     So to piggy-back off of what was said in the above statement in regards to synthetics. Since these ingredients are lab-created some of them can cause harm to plants or other parts of our eco-system if these ingredients are exposed to the outside. The natural ingredients uses are found in nature and don’t provide the same strain on the environment, causes any harm to the eco-system, & are better to use for skin/personal care.


C. Your skin likes it Natural

     Ever put on a product that made your skin itchy, swollen, tingly, red, or worst? It’s the ingredients within the products that could have adverse effects on your skin. These types of ingredients can cause allergic reactions that are never fun to deal with. Which is why we recommend you avoid them all together here are some common generic words that contain such ingredients that could be doing more harm then good: Sulfates, Synthetic dyes, Propylene, Parabens, Glycol, Triclosan, ECT… This is a great reason why we recommend using a natural skin/personal care product which are free from irritants that could be deteriorate to the skin.


D. No Animal Testing

    It’s heart-breaking to discover that so many of our favorite commercial soap brands are hard-core testing products on animals. The sad truth of the matter is these companies know that some of the ingredients they are  detrimental to the overall health of humans. But in order to see if a buck can still be made poor, defenseless animals are then used to “test” the effects on first. With natural skin/personal care product manufacturers like SpaUbliss doesn’t test on animals. We are an ethical company empathetic to practices that harm other living beings.


E. Safety First

   There is so much more information out thier that shows the benefits of using Natural skin/personal care product over synthetic ones. One of the major reasons for this is because the ingredients used to make Natural products can be found in nature. Also, the tremendous benefits these vitamins, minerals, and other compounds that have a great effect on the skin/body health.

In Conclusion, these are just some of the reasons why SpaUbliss promotes Natural skin/personal care products we want our customers to be well informed shoppers armed with accurate knowledge in order to make the most educated decision for you and your family's needs. If you are looking for all the benefits that Natural skin/personal care products can give you? Then look no further please SHOP SpaUbliss for your natural personal care needs. 

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When putting together any soap the soap maker has to have correct ratios to use when combining different ingredients whether it's natural or man-made. Nothing is different when it comes to the Essential Oils we use in order soap batches. We use only high-quality essential oils, certified natural fragrances, and fragrance oils. Because Essential oils are concentrated derivatives of the plant if to much is put into a batch this could cause skin irritations, and other skin allergies/reactions. All SpaUbliss branded products are tested on us HUMANS before release. 

What is Fragrance? 

A combination of chemicals whether derived from all natural or man-made origins that give each product a distinct scent. When a list of ingredients are not individually listed, the MFG has to list all those undisclosed ingredients as "Fragrance". At SpaUbliss we display whether or not the product uses an ingredient of natural origin or whether it contains synthetics. If the product doesn't display "certified natural" isn't present in the product's bio then the scent may contain elements of synthetic chemicals. We only use cosmetic "skin safe" grade fragrance which is displayed on each product it's in. 

What's an Essential Oil?

Essential oils in the simplest terms are natural fluids extracted from a plant by the distillation process. The FDA regulations state that these if not listed individually must be listed as Fragrance as well. SpaUbliss sources its essentials from producers who utilize natural raw materials to make our certified natural blends. Since every ingredient isn’t listed in the Natural blends that we use, we note these products as containing “Certified Natural Fragrance” since this also informs our customers that the product is indeed of all-natural origin. If you don’t have a preference for these types of things we have tons of great soaps with lab created scents and or other aroma chemicals that help to “enhance” the scent. These will be notes as simply “Fragrance” on the product’s bio page.

DID YOU KNOW?? Some skin will be O.K. with a natural cinnamon oil in soap while some will sense irritation

Research still goes into every ingredient we use at SpaUbliss. We've confirmed that the ingredients we use in our products are the REAL DEAL not GMO. We also research correct skin safe ratios to use for the perfect balance of nutrient, vitamins, and minerals to the skin.  

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