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What do we mean by Natural Soaps? 

Natural soap pretty much means that all ingredients are derived from plants. This is what soap-makers mean when we use the term “all-natural”. Some soap-makers also use herbal to describe soaps that are derived from plants. Their is a difference between “natural”, “all-natural”, & “herbal” soaps than it’s more popular commercial brands which are filled with synthetics, detergents, and other chemicals that are not so good for our skin and bodies. 


Luckily there are lots dedicated, real soap-makers that are committed to giving people real “natural” soap just like us at SpaUbliss. All of our soaps are considered “natural” as we use ingredients that derive from plant matter. 


  • Our soap bases are made with 100% premium oils.

  • We do not use any GMO ingredients in any of our products.

  • All of our products are also cruelty-free and never tested on animals at any point.

  • We have a variety of cold-process soaps made from scratch and deliver beautiful, high quality soaps that look, smell, and lather amazing!

  • Whenever possible we use natural grown or organic ingredients.


Each and every product is made in small batches in our little kitchen to ensure freshness and a quality product. The essential oils that we use are pure, undiluted, therapeutic grade. We are true artisan soap-makers and take pride in our products, brand, business, and customer loyalty.  The ingredients we use in our products are not what you would find in a full size soap bar on the shelf in your local grocery stores. The ingredients on our labels are not selective, far-fetched,  or false. We also do not blend natural ingredients with synthetic fragrances and market to our customers that’s “natural” that’s not how Chemistry works.