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We offer our high quality hand-crafted all natural products for resale, we give our wholesalers the option to meet their needs. We have two options to wholesale our products which is either re-sale our branded product which will come already neatly packaged in Spaubliss logo ready for retail. We offer wholesaling our products to other small online, physical, businesses, and hotels all over the U.S.A  fill out the form below to become a SpaUbliss Wholesaler. Take advantage of our low pricing and our quantitive discounting system which was designed to provide you with the best savings possible. Click HERE to be taken to our custom-made inquiry page

if your interested in our Wholesale department please fill out the form below to get started.  All accounts have to be verifiable for re-sale only if you would like to purchase soaps for personal use please visit If you have any questions please contact us at


Happy Wholesaling!

What is Wholesaling? 

Is the act of buying goods in larger quantity for a cheaper price from business owners, retailers, ECT to the general public.


What's a Resale Certification Number?

A resale number allows your business to avoid paying sales taxes on items purchased for resale to customers

What's a quantitive discounting system?

At SpaUbliss we want to offer all of our wholesalers access to high quality natural skin-care products at the lowest wholesale prices possible. Which is why we came up with a quantitive discounting system when wholesalers are purchasing our products. It's a "per quantity discount", here's how it works the more you purchase of a particular item the greater the discount you will receive. All of our wholesale products have different quantity discounts, this information is posted on the product's page.

What other wholesale discounts do you offer?

We offer free shipping on all orders $110+ 

We offer an additional 3% off orders $260+ 

We offer a 1-10% Wholesaler Loyalty purchasing program 

What is the Wholesale Loyalty purchasing program?

A chance to give back to our loyal wholesalers who keep returning to us to purchase more of our products. As a token of our appreciation we've created a program that will help us continue to keep you saving as your purchasing more. Earn Spa points with every dollar spent, each order will be awarded a certain amount of points. Those points are kept in a rolling 90 day purchase period, when your account has collected enough points the account is moved into a discount tier to be credited with additional discounts between 1-10%!

   Spa Point    Discount Tier

500-1000             1%

1001-2000          2%

2001-3000          3%

3001-4000          4%

4001-5000          5%

5001-6000          6%

6001-7000          7%

7001-8000          8%

8001-9000          9%

9001-10000       10%

How to get started with wholesale?

1. Fill out the inquiry below 

2. After your account is approved within 5 business days you will receive an email containing our Wholesaler's contract, your login access to our wholesaler's site. (Log in with the credentials sent to you).

3. Start to SHOP

* Please NOTE: We are currently undergoing site updates and maintenance we are not approving any more accounts until after the sites are back up and running on 03.15.21 * 

Thanks for your patience and continued support!

Wholesale Inquiry
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